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Recommendation No. 1
Nature's Sunshine Small Intestine Detox 100 Capsules - Natures Sunshine Yeast Fungal Detox
  • Helps Digest Proteins - Includes pepsin, which is produced naturally in the body to help digest protein.
  • Soothes Digestive Tissue - Marshmallow has a high mucilage content, which may help to soothe digestive tract tissues.
  • 600+ Quality Tests - Nature's Sunshine is obsessed with creating health supplements with unmatched potency, consistency and purity. You can trust in the pure, potent, proven formulas created by the obsessive perfectionists at Nature's Sunshine.
  • Guaranteed Pure Ingredients - Since 1972, Nature's Sunshine have been the Herb Specialists with an unwavering commitment to Quality, Service, and Integrity.
Recommendation No. 2
Tea Tree Oil Body Wash - Antifungal - Antibacterial Soap-Helps Athletes Foot - Toenail Fungus - Ringworm - Jock Itchy - Acne - Eczema - Yeast Infection - Body Odor - Itchy Skin - Sulfate Free - 16oz - Natures Sunshine Yeast Fungal Detox
  • WITH ALL NATURAL TEA TREE OIL: Our tea tree oil soap uses a higher concentration of tea tree oil to help you give your skin the care it deserves without relying on harsh chemicals, parabens, additives, or artificial ingredients; The perfect addition to your daily self care routine
  • MOISTURIZING: Besides helping wash away dirt and other impurities, our tea tree body wash gently hydrates your skin to help keep it soft throughout the day while helping soothe irritated skin; It’s ideal for both women and men for all skin types including dry and sensitive skin
  • HYGIENIC: This antibacterial body wash uses a 5 percent concentration of tea tree oil that helps wash away the fungus and bacteria responsible for athletes’ foot, ringworm, jock itch, acne, nail fungus, eczema, body odor and other foot and skin irritations
  • REFRESHING SCENT: Our tea tree oil body wash is gentle on your skin and helps fight body odor with a light fresh natural mint scent so you can smell just as good as you look; Our body wash has a subtle yet refreshing scent that isn’t overpowering
  • FOR EVERYDAY USE: Thanks to our gentle formula, this athlete's foot body wash can be used every day as a foot wash, nail wash or as a regular body wash to keep your skin clean, hydrated and maintain a layer of moisture to protect against daily damage
Recommendation No. 3
Global Healing Mycozil - Vegan Supplement Supports Detoxification for Natural Candida Cleanse, Encourages Gut and Vaginal Health and Rids of Harmful Organisms & Overgrowth, Women & Men - 120 Capsules - Natures Sunshine Yeast Fungal Detox
  • Bring Balance To Your Body - Mycozil provides nutritional support that encourages your body's natural defenses against imbalance and harmful organisms that can also affect your skin and cause itching or redness. Strengthener promotes healthy nail growth.
  • Supports Detoxification - Wildcrafted ingredients such as Jatoba Bark, Licorice Root, Anise Seed, Brevibacillus Laterosporus, and Pau D’Arco contain natural compounds that support cleansing of harmful organisms to bring candida balance in your gut.
  • Tough On Candida - Potent herbs, enzymes, and probiotics work to support detoxification. Candida can release more than 70 different harmful organisms into your bloodstream to weaken your immune system. Supports gut health to maintain natural wellness..
  • Safe, Gentle Formula - Effective without disrupting your day, Mycozil is vegan friendly, gluten free, GMO free, and contains no artificial ingredients.
  • Manufactured In The USA - The organic and wildcrafted ingredients in Mycozil are carefully selected and, unlike similar products, it does not contain any filler ingredients.
Recommendation No. 4
Nature's Sunshine Activated Charcoal 120 Capsules - Natures Sunshine Yeast Fungal Detox
  • Digestive Support - Reduces systemic toxicity inhibiting the absorption of toxins, chemicals and microbial contaminants in the stomach and intestine.
  • Activated Charcoal - Highly absorbent charcoal helps supports the body’s cleansing and detoxifying efforts.
  • Powerful Supplement - May also help the body’s efforts to expel intestinal gas similar to other charcoal pill and powder supplements.
  • Convenient Capsules - Our formula contains one natural ingredient, activated charcoal, in easy-to-swallow capsule form.
Recommendation No. 5
Nature's Sunshine Bacillus Coagulans, NutriBiome, 90 Capsules - Natures Sunshine Yeast Fungal Detox
  • Fiber Prebiotics - This shelf stable probiotic is blended with prebiotic inulin.
  • Shelf Stable Probiotic - Naturally heat-stable, this adult probiotic can more readily withstand the acidic environment of the stomach, allowing it to deliver more targeted support of the GI tract.
  • 6+ Quality Tests - Nature's Sunshine is obsessed with creating health supplements with unmatched potency, consistency and purity. You can trust in the pure, potent, proven formulas created by the obsessive perfectionists at Nature's Sunshine.
  • Pioneers of Herb Encapsulation - The first company to encapsulate herbs in 1972, Nature's Sunshine has grown from a small, family-owned business to one of the leading health and wellness companies in the world.
Recommendation No. 6
Vitanica, Candidastat, Yeast Balance Support, Vegan, 60 Capsules - Natures Sunshine Yeast Fungal Detox
  • Includes herbs and nutrients supportive of the body’s natural system to maintain a healthy yeast balance.*
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • This product contains no: preservatives, binders, aritificial colorings or flavorings, lactose, salt, wheat, gluten, soybeans, milk derivatives, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish or shellfish.
Recommendation No. 7
Nature's Sunshine Kidney Activator ATC Concentrate 50 Capsules - Natures Sunshine Yeast Fungal Detox
  • Discourages Stone Formation - Supports body mechanisms designed to prevent (not cure) stone formation.
  • Urinary System Support - Formulated with herbs that have been used traditionally to support the urinary system, primarily the bladder and kidneys.
  • Natural Ingredients - Contains juniper berry and berry extract, parsley leaf extract, uva ursi leaf extract, dandelion root and root extract, chamomile flowers and flower extract.
  • Soothes The Kidney - Similar to other detox and pill supplements, our powerful product promotes soothing for the kidneys.
Recommendation No. 9
Truseb Antifungal, Antibacterial Ketoconazole & Chlorhexidine Shampoo for Dogs & Cats Hot Spots, Ringworm, Yeast, Fungal, Yeast Infections, Ringworm, Pyoderma & Skin Allergies U.S.A (1 Gallon) - Natures Sunshine Yeast Fungal Detox
  • ❤️ #1 Truseb ANTISEPTIC AND ANTIFUNGAL - Medicated shampoo for Dogs, Cats and Horses with Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2% and Ketoconazole 1% to treat broad spectrum of skin related problems and bacterial dermatitis.
  • ❤️ TOP RATED PRODUCT Ear Flush - Truseb is specifically formulated to relieve and heal skin infections, superficial cuts, abrasions and insect bites. If you include Truseb in your weekly grooming routine, and after water activities, you will help keep your🐶 Dog’s and 🐱 Cat’s skin safe and healthy.
  • ❤️ VETERINARY STRENGTH FOR LESS MONEY – relieve skin infections like hot spot, ringworm and Acne. Our Veterinary recommended shampoo eliminates smelly order caused by bacteria, fungal and yeast leaving behind refreshing cucumber melon scent
  • ❤️ QUICKLY KILLS BACTERIAL, FUNGAL AND YEAST - Restores your dog's and cat’s skin to their natural healthy state. Eliminates by killing the type of bacteria, fungal and yeast that are most commonly associated with skin infection in Dogs and Cats
  • ❤️ MADE IN THE U.S.A. in Federally Regulated Manufacturing facilities, NASC inspected laboratory so you can trust the quality of our pet skin care products to Ensure Quality and Safety.
Recommendation No. 10
Fungus Clear Nails Plus Antifungal Probiotic Pills - Probiotic Fungus Destroyer - Destroy Fungus From Within With A Probiotic Boosted Immune System - Eliminate Fungus Naturally & Safely - Natures Sunshine Yeast Fungal Detox

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